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Antique Binoculars - Vintage Spectacles

Thinking of collecting antique binoculars? These binoculars are nice to have as a showpiece. Most binoculars that are antiques are fully functional. Optical antiques are mostly of brass and have the aged look to them that can be highly polished to shine. An antique binocular can even be made from wood or bone. These vintage binoculars are not only nice to look at, but they can make for great conversations.

Century Old Binoculars

Very old binoculars come in many different shapes and sizes. Most of these binoculars were considered fashion pieces in the 19th century and many include the well known eyepiece. Made from silver or gold depending on how much money the original owner had to spend on these optical antiques. Some even had gems on them. They were very small in size. These old binoculars were called opera glasses as they were used to magnify the view while in the balconies of the theatres.

Field Glasses were used for outdoor viewing. These older binoculars were much plainer than opera glasses. The word field glasses was replaced with the name binoculars half way though the 19th century.

Most of these binoculars have either been acquired from other family members that have past these very old optical devices down though generations, or purchased them to add to your antique collection. Collecting these antique spectacles is no longer a cheap hobby and finding the best binoculars is getting harder and harder.

Over the years the magnification of binoculars has improved. The material that the binoculars are made of now has changed to meet the needs of today’s world but they are still made on the same principles as the old ones.



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