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Alpen Binoculars - The Best Choice For Sporty People

Alpen binoculars are the best choice for people with a keen interest in outdoor sports.  It is known to be the recipient of 'Best Buy' ratings four times. The Alpen binocular is most useful for bird watchers, fishermen, hunters, and race enthusiasts. It is technically advanced to meet all the requirements of outdoor sports.

Binoculars of the Alpen brand have about 70 products and binocular accessories that can magnify farthest things. All the alpen models come with a special customer service and a lifetime warranty. Binoculars made by Alpen come in different models like Alpen Alpex, Alpen Pro Waterproof, Alpen Shasta Ridge, Alpen Magna View, Alpen Sport Compacts. All the models come with a BAK4, HR metallic coating, long eye relief, wide angle viewing, efficient in bright as well as in dim light. The optical clarity of the binocular is also very sharp. The binoculars are smart looking, stylish, lightweight and compact, easy to carry with wide straps for comfort.

One of the most attractive features of the Alpen type of binoculars is that they are waterproof, providing protection from rain, mist, snow, and ocean spray.  Its uniqueness lies in the fact that rain-guards cover the eye prices so dewdrops do not affect that optical view.

The Alpen Pro is specially made for fulfilling sports optics requirements with roof and porro prisms whereas the Alpen Sports Compact is a tiny lightweight make with small prisms and objective lenses with an excellent view inspite of its size.

If you are inclined in purchasing an Alpen made binocular, an experienced binocular distributor is someone who can help you to make your decision. He would also let you know about the latest Alpen binocular's digital camera facilities and other features recently introduced.


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